Your boss called and said we need you to come into work today for a few hours. You get ready for work and then drive 20 miles in heavy traffic to get to work. When meeting with the boss he tells you to work up a contract price for the work to be done. After two hours working on this contract you meet with the boss again and present your contract. The boss tells you good job on writing up the contract we really appreciate your making quick work of writing up the contract. But we are going with Dave's contract and we don't pay for time spent working up contracts that we don't accept.

Great I just wasted four hour of my time, $10 bucks in gas and I'm not getting paid for it!

How would you feel?

Yes we do charge for contract estimates because our time is valuable also.


Free estimates with signed contract!

Up front estimation fee $100

Estimation fee will be discounted off of final bill of signed contract .

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