Dortye Inc. Finish Carpentry
Pronounced door tie 


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I opened Dortye Inc. Finish Carpentry back in 2008 so to offer a reliable finish carpentry services.
Customer satisfaction is our guarantee!
/76.jpg My name is Timothy LePage 
Owner and president of Dortye Inc. Finish Carpentry
A master carpenter, draftsman, engineer, designer, inventor, entrepreneur and, artist,
A 3rd generation carpenter with a life time of hands on experience
I graduated trade school in 1983 with top honors in carpentry.
35 years experience as a self employed carpenter remodeling homes.
I have been offering my cabinetry skills here in Florida since 1993
I can see things already built long before I even start making them.
Yes business names have changed over the years! 

Our old business cards

1993 to 1999

VP of Tall Interiors finish carpentry - CLOSED

2000 to 2006 

P of LePage Cabinetry Inc. - CLOSED 

2008 to present Dortye Inc. Finish Carpentry - OPEN and here to help!

Business names have changed but our quality workmanship keeps getting better.
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