Dortye Inc. Finish Carpentry
Pronounced door tie 
Whether building, remodeling, furnishing, or fixing up your space Dortye Inc. Finish Carpentry can help!
Dortye Inc. Finish Carpentry offers a wide variety of finish carpentry services.
There are a lot different home repairs or improvements that can help change the look and feel of any home. There are even more home repair services out there and it can be hard to pick the right service or services. Some service companies specialize in only one specific service so you may need to hire other services also. Dortye Inc. Finish Carpentry specialize in home remodeling services and we can do multiple things on you project list. Our craftsmen have decades of wide ranging experience in remodeling that it allows us to undertake the most challenging projects. See our portfolio for design ideas. We never compromise quality for cost by using inferior products. If it’s not good enough for our home, we will not use it on your home. 
You won’t find our business on adviser home, porch, tack or any website that charges our business to advertize to you. We do this to keep cost down for our customers. A website and the internet should be all a professional service company should need for advertizing. 

Here is a list of just some of our finish carpentry and remodeling services!

With years of experience we can see it built before we even start.
From the wall studs in; we repair, adjust, build and or install
Wood architectural elements,
Cabinets, cabinet doors, and cabinet hardware,
Doors and door hardware,
Wood closet shelving’s, rods, and hardware,
Sheet rock, paneling, and wall boarding,
Steps, stairs, and railings,
Columns, corbels, brackets, and posts,
Wood work and trim moldings,
Shelves and shelving’s
Built INS, custom furniture, and wood furniture repairs,
Wood flooring’s
Home hardware
Paint, stain and apply sealers,

If you’re asking if we do let me say yes we do!

Yes we have gotten a cocktail napkin drawing idea from a home owner. With thing a ma bobs, watch a ma call it’s, and do ma hick y s and we understood what they wanted and made it come to life.
Licensed, Insured, WC
Picture is of a custom drift wood fireplace mantle. 

We can help to change the look and feel of any home or office!

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